troupe2For those students looking to go beyond the classroom with their dance, two performance troupes under the direction of Safiya Nawaar have been created. For some, simply learning dance isn’t enough. Whether wanting to share the joy of Middle Eastern Dance with the general public, or yearning for the excitement of performing on stage…as a member of a troupe you can take those skills you’ve honed through tireless dedication in the classroom, and learn to deliver breath-taking performances filled with raw emotion, skillful grace, and startling beauty.

Being a member of a dance troupe is not for everyone, but for those who do join with a troupe they will find themselves embraced within a tight circle of friends who share a troupe4common interest. Most women when they join a belly dance class are not interested in anything more than a fun exercise class and a place to mingle with other women. There is however a special few, who after a few months or sometimes a few years of dance classes want a chance to shine and show off all the cool things they have learned to do with their once stiff and unmanageable bodies. That is the original reason for the formation of Troupe Hala Alimah by Safiya Nawaar in the spring of 2007, as a means to provide an outlet for creative expression for her many students.

Venues for Troupe performances include Halfas (Middle Eastern themed parties organized by dance studios), Cultural Festivals, Stage Shows, Recitals, etc..

For those dancers interested in becoming part of a dance troupe at Arabesque, they should contact troupe7troupe8troupe5Safiya directly.

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