Dear Safiya,
Thank you so much for your professional and courteous welcome to your Studio last June in Lexington, Kentucky.
Your Studio, Arabesque Dance World, is a warm and inviting space for Dancers seeking Belly Dance Instruction. The combination of many elements make Arabesque Dance World conducive to student creativity and learning.
I am particularly impressed with the large space, wall to floor mirrors, natural light
and Middle Eastern Decor. The high ceilings together with the state of the art sound system create reverberation. The reverb serves to enhance the students’ depth and perception of the music thus creating a deeper understanding of Arabic rhythm and melody. These details transform a daily dance class into a transcendent dance experience.
I highly recommend Arabesque Dance World to all students and teachers alike and predict incredible success for your studio.”

– Ahmed Hussien Workshop Instructor

“There are certainly many businesses with the name Arabesque. But there is nothing generic about the Arabesque Lex studio of Safiya. I have taught in studios all over the world, and this is among the Most beautiful. It is Eastern Edgy, and very comfortable. The community that it attracts is eager and genuine. The whole event was exceptionally organized, and wholesome. I enjoyed the whole experience, and felt very fulfilled.”

– Karim Nagi
Workshop Instructor

“Beautiful dance studio with a wonderfully talented instructor. I’m able to move and stretch without intimidation. Most importantly, I feel comfortable in my own skin each time I walk through the door.”

-Chantel Collins Settles

“Incredibly warm, genuine, knowledgeable, patient Teachers + such a gorgeous and inviting space = I love everything about Arabesque World Dance. Magic!”

-Sara Josephine Clarke

“I went to the open house yesterday and knew I found my new home to practice yoga and share love and grow with an amazing new group! I’m so excited to meet again in March! If your looking for a place with amazing uplifting energy and passion in everything you do this is the place!”

-Whitney Romero

“The Arabesque studio is a Lexington treasure. The space has an warm, welcoming vibe and the attention to detail makes this studio a rare gem!”


“I traveled from Boston to attend Safiya’s “Dance, Drums, & Dialogue” weekend with headliner Karim Nagi at Arabesque in Lexington. Though it was a bit of a trek for me to get there, it was definitely well worth it.

As a regular student of Karim Nagi’s, I have taken many of his classes, and I was impressed with Safiya and her community’s interest in musicality and musicianship. The “drumming for dancers & dancing for drummers” class actually included four drummers, who were excellent listeners and played collaboratively with the dancers, just as Karim demonstrated. This humble and inquisitive attitude amongst all the students (dancers and musicians), made every class enjoyable and more advanced than average.

I’m sure this is in part a testament to the atmosphere that Safiya has created at her studio. The space is absolutely beautiful, with such attention to detail as to be gorgeous as well as comfortable. Safiya has thought of everything, from a box of musical instruments for anyone to play, to tea and coffee available during breaks. Her skills as a hostess and her interest in lifelong-learning extended to the show she produced as well, where she insisted that the emcee explain the cultural background of every dance. And let me not forget to mention how Safiya kept her cool, despite the difficulties of organizing so many dancers, some even submitting their music the day of the performance.

Professional, artful, and warm. Just a few words to describe Safiya and her Arabesque studio in Lexington, KY. It was a wonderful weekend, and I would definitely do it again.”

-Soma Hadia
Workshop Participant

“I love going to Arabesque! It’s such a beautiful studio and a wonderful space for classes, workshops and events. Safiya Nawaar is an excellent instructor. Whether I’m in a yoga class or a bellydance class, I always leave with more knowledge about the art and how it relates to me.”

-Kim Bailey
Student/Workshop Participant

“I look forward to class with Safiya every week! She is a great instructor!”

-Heather Smith

“Safiya is my teacher and she is amazing. She has inspired and motivated me to do the best I can at this art form. Her teaching skills are wonderful because she breaks down every move and also gives a history behind it. I have studied oriental dance before I came to her for three years and I can honestly say she has helped and improved my technique more in the last several months than I managed to in three years. She encourages her students to be as good as she is, which is amazing considering how competitive some teachers and students are…but with Safiya you will only find encouragement and motivation.”

-Sarah Peters

“Safiya is a wonderful Instructor and amazing Choreographer.”


“The best dance studio in Lexington w(ith) the best instructors and beautiful environment.”

-Tina Benites


Beautiful dance studio! So much space and delightful ambiance. Enjoyed our visit from Ohio to take workshops.

-Maria Parasson
Workshop Participant

“WOW! Thank you Safiya for a great weekend of dance with Eva Cernik!! Still enjoying the after glow a week later…  Arabesque World Dance is a beautiful, welcoming space. And (Safiya’s) events are well-managed down to the tiniest detail. Every participant is an honored guest….<3 Can’t wait to visit Lexington, KY again.”

-Sharifa Asmar
Workshop Participant

“This studio is by far the most beautiful studio I have ever been to. Plenty of space for events, the floor is amazing to dance on. I really didn’t want to ever leave. The dancers/instructors are so creative and learned. I wished I lived in Lexington!”

-Jamie Rodgers
Workshop Participant

“Awesome studio! Clean, comfortable space. Knowledgeable, patient, and friendly dance instructors. Very welcoming to all shapes, sizes, ages, and dance levels. Also a nice variety of classes such as yoga, barre, belly- aerobics, and beginner to advanced technique and choreography classes. Performance opportunities for those who are looking for it.”

-Michelle Benningfield
Student/Troupe Member

“I just had the most AMAZING weekend in beautiful Lexington, Kentucky at Arabesque World Dance Studio with Eva Cernik in Journey 2016 hosted by the lovely and most AMAZING hostess (Safiya Nawaar)…I highly recommend her events at her studio – she has the most amazing studio space! 3000sq. ft., Vintage albums and photos/statues/art galore! Everywhere I looked in the studio there was another goodie to oogle over!! She and her helpers put on a great show in the beautiful Black Box Theatre with amazing dressing rooms for the dancers! She took such great care of us and was so organized! Such beautiful and good energy in Lexington.

-Yara of Georgia
Workshop Participant

This is my first time belly dancing. I started in August 2018, and it is so much fun, a great workout, and was recommended by my friend Sheila Cummins, I finally relented and am so glad I did.
Safiya is a fantastic instructor, and very patient.
There is no judgment here, everybody enjoys dancing, and we have so much fun.
Come join us!!!!!!!!!

-Sharon Dozier Hackworth