Arabesque World Dance opened its doors in January 2013, and is founded and directed by Safiya Nawaar. Introducing culture to the community through dance and music has always been a key element to Safiya’s drive to teach and perform, and her studio’s ambiance reflects that. The ‘Eastern Edgy’ 3000+ square foot climate controlled facility has a professional sprung wood dance floor, mirrored walls, a patron lounge, as well as a costume and dance supply store. The ethnically inspired ambiance and decor create a great retreat for the dance enthusiast, as well as complementing the diverse array of other health and wellness programs that take place here.

Arabesque is first and foremost, a school to teach and mentor the aspiring artist, a provider for those seeking Health and Wellness courses, and a social dance studio where dancers can gather and share their knowledge and love of their art. Beyond these elements, Arabesque also provides a number of Health and fitness programs that cater to all ages and fitness levels. Belly-robics, Yoga, and Flow arts. The list of services continues to grow, and new additions to our roster are always in the works. So, visit our site often to see if any new and exciting activities have joined the Arabesque family!


Safiya Nawaar

Studio Founder / Belly Dance Instructor / Yoga Instructor / Choreographer / Performer

Widely acclaimed dance teacher, performer and workshop instructor Safiya Nawaar, is the owner and artistic director of Arabesque World Dance in Lexington, Kentucky. This beautiful dancer brings the emotions of music to life through creative movement with a powerful yet delicate style, both on the stage and in the classroom. Her specialties include the traditional and folkloric dances from Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey.

Safiya is a classically trained dancer with many years of Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical and Theatrical dance as a solid foundation before getting involved in MENAHT dance (Middle Eastern, North African, Hellenic, and Turkish) loosely coined as belly dance. She has dedicated the last 23 years to learning, improving and sharing her knowledge of Middle Eastern and North African dance. Her rich dance history traces back to the stylings of the legendary Ibrahim ‘Bobby’ Farrah through her core teachers, Zuhela and Maia Yamir. Her teachers studied with Bobby in New York City and were part of Ibrahim Farrah’s Near East Dance Group. He was best known as the leading advocate for traditional ethnic dance in the U.S. from the early 70’s until the late 90’s. His impact on this particular dance industry is far reaching and many of his students continue his legacy by acknowledging him, maintaining the principles he was so devoted to in representing the art they teach to their own students, and for holding the standards that set him apart.
As part of her ongoing education, Safiya continues to study extensively, traveling and taking workshops from world renowned instructors in the art of Middle Eastern and North African dance. Through all of these instructors her curriculum has grown to include dance styles from Egypt, Lebanon & the Levant area, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria.
Annually, she hosts master instructors at workshops she organizes at her studio, as well as producing her own shows at her space.

Safiya has been performing professionally since 2002 and took on the profession of instructor in 2007. She opened Arabesque World Dance in Downtown Lexington, Ky. in 2013 and now has a full time career as a dance instructor, performer and show producer.

Michelle B.

Bollywood Fusion Instructor / Choreographer / Performer

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