From the Studio to the Stage…

For those students looking to go beyond the classroom with their dance, Arabesque has three performance troupes under the direction of our studios instructors: Banat Nawaar, the Arabesque Dancers and the Arabesque Lotus Blossoms.

For some, simply learning dance isn’t enough. Whether wanting to share the joy of Middle Eastern Dance with the general public or yearning for the excitement of performing on stage…as a member of a troupe you can take those skills you’ve honed in the classroom and learn to deliver breath-taking performances filled with raw emotion, skillful grace, and startling beauty.

If you want a chance to shine and show off all the amazing things you’ve learned at Arabesque, then look no further. Contact Safiya directly and let her know you want to take your dance from the studio to the stage.

Venues for Troupe performances include Halfas (Middle Eastern themed parties organized by dance studios), Cultural Festivals, Stage Shows, Recitals and more!