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Turkish Oryantal & Zill Workshops with Safiya Nawaar in Louisville

Feb 27


Sparkle Dance Productions presents dance workshops with Safiya Nawaar on February 27th in Louisville, Ky!

Join widely acclaimed belly dance instructor and performer Safiya Nawaar for dance workshops focusing on Turkish Oryantal and Zills. This workshop is great for students of all levels beginner through advanced. Safiya has over 20 years of extensive training with master instructors of traditional and folkloric dance from the Middle East and North Africa. She was introduced to Turkish Oriental dance through workshops focused on Vintage Cabaret and fell in love with the style. Following many workshops and private lessons, she decided to go straight to the source and get more in depth training that was pure Turkish, rather than the Americanized version. To gain a deeper understanding she pursued teachers known for their authenticity and cultural studies. Over the years she studied repeatedly with Eva Cernik, as well as taking workshops with Artemis Mourat and Ozgen Ozgek. To further deepen her understanding of the dance and its roots, she invested herself into personal study of Turkish history and culture.

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$50 for both classes. Please prepay because space is limited.

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Turkish Workshops with Safiya Nawaar
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*Space IS limited for these Workshop, so Preregistration is recommended!

Who is Safiya Nawaar?

A brief introduction to the Instructor


Dance teacher, performer and mentor Safiya Nawaar, is the owner and artistic director of Arabesque World Dance in Lexington, Kentucky. This beautiful dancer brings the emotions of music to life through creative movement with a powerful yet delicate style, both on the stage and in the classroom. Safiya’s specialties include the traditional and folkloric dances from Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey and Persia.

Safiya is a classically trained dancer with many years of Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical and Theatrical dance as a solid foundation before getting involved in MENAHT dance, and has dedicated over 20 years to learning, improving and sharing her knowledge of dance, theater and music. Her first lesson in ‘Belly Dance’ was in Ocala, Fl. in 2000. Since that first class she has studied extensively, traveling and taking workshops from world renowned instructors in the art of Middle Eastern and North African dance. Safiya has been performing professionally since 2002 and took on the profession of instructor in 2007. She opened Arabesque World Dance in Downtown Lexington, Ky. in 2013 and now has a full time career as a dance instructor and performer.  Her talented approach at introducing students to the many styles of dance that make up her repertoire, include an intuitive understanding of how to break down those dances to the most basic of movements helping students excel in the classroom, as well as on the stage.


Saturday, February 27th (10am-12noon) Zills


Time to step it up and build your dance repertoire! Every Bellydancer, especially AmCab Dancers, should know how to handle a set of Sagat, Ziller, or Finger Cymbals!

This Workshop will be all about layering movements and finger cymbals, and drilling, drilling, drilling to build muscle memory! Many different rhythms, and music styles will be worked with.

You will learn to LOVE your finger cymbals as Safiya breaks down the different ways to play the Sagat, and make them simple and user friendly.

Safiya will have loaner cymbals, and printed study guides for class participants.

Saturday, August 8th (1pm-3pm) Turkish Oryantal


Turkish Oriental Belly Dance (aka Tansi Oryental) is an exotic, fiery, dramatic, and very sexy style of dance! It came to life in the early 20th century among the Roma dancers who were hired to provide entertainment. It shares many of the basic movements that are seen in Egyptian style Raqs Sharqi, but with a much livelier, and sassy personality drawn from the strong influences of Turkish and Turkish Roma music and Folk Dances, as well as some Egyptian influence. Tansi Oryental has been described as The Dance that could Melt a Stone.
While Egyptian dancers have a more subtle way about themselves, taking their audience on an emotional journey, the Turkish Oriental dancer strives to blow her audiences away with intricate veil work, mesmerizing hands and arms, fast and furious spins and shimmies, sharp isolations, and evocative floorwork all while playing zils. The energy and intention of the performer are completely different, even though the movement vocabulary overlaps.

In this workshop students will get an in depth, from the floor up education on Turkish Style Oriental Dance. No need to have experience, we will have technique and combos for beginners to advanced dancers, Posture, Arms, Hip Articulations, and Musicality will all be part of the class. We will also discuss some historical and cultural information.


Feb 27