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Safiya Nawaar Playshops at PlayThink 2020!

Jun 17

Join widely acclaimed belly dance instructor and performer Safiya Nawaar as she returns once again to PlayThink Festival to teach five playshops in 2020! The movement and music festival will take place June 17th-21st in Harrodsburg, Ky at Terrapin Hill Farm. PlayThink is a celebration of art, sustainability, music, performance, movement, and life itself; full of unique opportunities for exploration, discovery, relaxation and connection. Check out their site HERE!


Who is Safiya Nawaar?

A brief introduction to the Instructor


Dance teacher, performer and mentor Safiya Nawaar, is the owner and artistic director of Arabesque World Dance in Lexington, Kentucky. This beautiful dancer brings the emotions of music to life through creative movement with a powerful yet delicate style, both on the stage and in the classroom. Safiya’s specialties include the traditional and folkloric dances from Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey and Persia.

Safiya is a classically trained dancer with many years of Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical and Theatrical dance as a solid foundation before getting involved in MENAHT dance, and has dedicated over 20 years to learning, improving and sharing her knowledge of dance, theater and music. Her first lesson in ‘Belly Dance’ was in Ocala, Fl. in 2000. Since that first class she has studied extensively, traveling and taking workshops from world renowned instructors in the art of Middle Eastern and North African dance. Safiya has been performing professionally since 2002 and took on the profession of instructor in 2007. She opened Arabesque World Dance in Downtown Lexington, Ky. in 2013 and now has a full time career as a dance instructor and performer. Her talented approach at introducing students to the many styles of dance that make up her repertoire, include an intuitive understanding of how to break down those dances to the most basic of movements helping students excel in the classroom, as well as on the stage.


Fan Veils - Fan Veil Flow Class


Fan Veils! So much fun, to flutter and wave about…but there is a particular art to making them flow, and still keep the body moving! This class will be exciting and fun for both beginners and experienced fan veil dancers.
In this workshop Safiya will help students get a better grip on their fans, and show several ways to manipulate all that flowy silk, and still get their body involved in the flow too!
Basic belly dance moves, turns, pivots, and traveling steps will be incorporated into a group of combinations to help you get your flow mojo with this tricky little prop.
Students can use their own fan veils OR Safiya will have fan veils available for purchase at the PlayShop. (There will also be a limited supply of ‘loaners’. First come, first serve)


Safiya’s Signature Oriental Raqs Sharqi Technique & Combos -Traditional Belly Dance


A fun energetic class combining stagecraft and emoting, internalizing your movements, and creating beautiful lines through posture and arms. We will work on traveling steps, combinations, and how to be dynamic on stage through use of flow and energy. Safiya will be drawing on her 20 years of experience as a professional belly dance performer and teacher to lead this class.

This playshop will be appropriate for all levels of dancers. We will work through each movement from the ground up, discussing posture, leg placement, center of balance, arm positions, and attitude. For the more experienced dancers we will be adding more challenging combinations and layering.
Then we will change them up so you can see how the same moves may be used to different styles of music, and how the energy and personality change.

Sensual Veils-Dancing in a Cloud of Silk(Traditional Belly Dance)



Veil Dance is a beautiful flow art that has so many unique qualities! Safiya will help dancers in this belly dance style playshop learn to love their veil and treat it as a dance partner rather than a prop.
Students will learn to recognize the rhythms in the music and will practice utilizing the rests and accents to create flow and pauses in their veil dance. We will work on slinky and elegant traveling steps, wrapping and unwrapping of the veil, releasing and retrieving with ease, as well as internalized sinuous movements, and hypnotic, entrancing moves of a dancer with a veil…all to create a sensual and dynamic experience that can be used for personal enjoyment, or performance.
It is recommended that students bring a Silk Veil, at least 3 Yards long. Some veils will be available for purchase at the playshop. Some ‘loaner’ veils will also be available.
(A chiffon veil will work, but does not flow the same.)

Divine Feminine - Embracing Self-love Through Dance


Many forms of ancient dance embraced the divine feminine, sometimes known as goddess dance or Temple dance.
The idea behind dancing for the divine feminine is that the dancer learns to embrace herself, not physically but deep within her heart. When moving freely with an open heart a dancer can find a cathartic release from stress and self-doubt.

In this Workshop we will work with embracing our inner selves and accepting our outer selves through visualization and dance meditation.

Fierce & Feminine - Finding Your Inner Strength & Confidence Through Posture & Movements


How we carry our bodies and how we travel through the space around us can greatly affect how we feel about ourselves and how others see us.
In this Workshop Safiya will teach you how to be fiercely feminine through breath, posture, and movement. The class will work through some of the fierce styles of feminine dance from around the world and talk about how to integrate those moves and posture into daily life.


Jun 17