gh11198-1-of-1-10lowresghSafiya’s professional accomplishments within the larger dance community include recognition as a Performing Artist, Instructor and Mentor, all of which took 17 years of dedication, study and practice to achieve. Her journey as a dancer continues as she   to pursue Her studio hosts a number of annual workshops and gala shows that boast international names like Ahmed Sxxxxxx,xxxxxxx,and xxxxx; each that bring a wealth of knowledge to her and her students as well as to the other participants that attend her events.

SAFIYA NAWAAR is quickly becoming one of the most recognized traditional belly dance artists in the eastern United States. She is the founder and director of Arabesque World Dance in downtown Lexington, Ky. where she teaches classes as well as hosting workshops and gala shows throughout the year. Some of the more successful Arabesque World Dance annual shows include ‘A Dancer’s Journey’, ‘Raq the BlueGrass’ and ‘Shimmy!’.all of which boast top billing names like Ahmed Hussien,
When she isn’t creating and directing her own theatrical dance productions, she often travels to perform and teach at large events across the country. Other studios and venues host her workshops stage performances and take her south to florida and as far north as Pennsylvania. and in 2017 her travels will bring her to Cairo, Egypt where she will be teaching and performing at a week-long festival in October.
Involved in the performing arts her entire life, she feels fortunate to have many years of Classical Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, and Theatrical Dance as a solid foundation before getting involved in Belly Dance. Her specialties include Raqs Sharqi, Egyptian, Lebanese & Turkish Orientale, American Cabaret, Turkish Rroma, Classical Persian and Tribal Fusion. She prides herself not only in the more traditional forms of Raqs Sharqi, but also in the conception of her own modern fusion of bellydance, utilizing all the elements from her diverse dance education.
She is also the director of Troupe Hala Alimah who perform in Stage Shows, Cultural Festivals, and Corporate Events throughout the Eastern U.S.
Safiya and her troupe have wowed Con audiences with their unique dance performance cosplay choreographies that included Star Trek, MadMax, and SteamPunk themes to name a few.