January 27, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – 6:15 pm
Arabesque World Dance
451 Chair Ave
Lexington, KY 40508
Drop in $12.00 or use a Class Card or Monthly Unlimited Pass


Starting in November! We are going to be exploring and playing with these beautiful, fun, flowy dance props!

They are NOT part of the Traditional Raqs Sharqi/Belly Dance repertoire, but have become a fast favorite of the Modern Belly Dancer and Fusion Dancer.

Originating from China, these gorgeous props use a combination of silk veils and Chinese fans that can be used in a wide variety of dance styles. Safiya has used them for Cosplay performances, American Cabaret Belly Dance, and even mixed them in with Traditional music to create a modern take on dancing Oriental Belly Dance with Veil (using the Fan Veils instead)
This is a beautiful Flow Art, that encourages creativity, and artistry in movement!

There are several styles of Fan Veils in use in the belly dance world, from short flutter fans, to fans that are 3 yards long, to the giant Super Fans that are a bit shorter, but extra wide.
In this class we will be using the older and most popular version, such as what Safiya is using in the event picture.
The studio has a small collection of Fan Veils to lend out, and will also have some for sale!! Or you can bring in your own set.
PLEASE speak with Safiya before ordering any, so we make sure you get the right type and quality.

Since this is an Intro Class, we will start with how to handle and manipulate the Fan Veils with comfort and ease, and learn to use them with some basic flowing movements and traveling steps. After students feel a little more confident, we can work towards creating a short choreography!

Safiya Specializes in Teaching how to move and flow with your Fan Veils, so you are not JUST a prop manipulator, but artistry in motion, you and your props becoming one in dance.
Clean Technique, Musicality, and flow will be the goals of this class.

Class Fee: $12 to Drop in, Or Use a Class Card, or MU Pass!
You can also pay for a 6 Week consecutive session for $45!

In this class we will be working on all the Basic Belly Dance Techniques and Drills and concepts to help students build a strong foundation for their dance.

This class is Easy Level and a great way to start your journey into the wonderfully exciting world of belly dance.

No prior experience needed to take these classes.