November 18, 2019 @ 7:45 pm – 8:45 pm
Arabesque World Dance
451 Chair Avenue
Lexington, KY 40508
Drop In $12.00 or use class card or Monthly unlimited Pass
Arabesque World Dance
(859) 455-8991

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This Class is for students who are ready to step it up and have more of a challenge in class! Belly Dance Technique Lexington Ky. The techniques and combos we work on will depend on what Safiya is currently working on for Choreographies! All students should bring Zills and veils to every class!

We are going to have tons of fun with this session, and your muscles are gonna hate you as we drill technique (to create muscle memory), challenge our bodies to do new more complex movements and combinations, play around with improv and build our Zills skills!!

This class is mainly for Drilling Steps and Movements, but for those who are ready for the Zill work, or who want to keep up their Zill practice….you will have the opportunity to do it in this class on a regular basis!

We will also incorporate some Stage Craft, and Improvisational Skills, as well as the usual Musicality and History/Cultural content.

We have loaner Zills for those who do not own any, we also have Zills for sale in the Souk for a very reasonable price!

Cost: $12 to Drop In / Or use a Class Card/ Or Monthly Unlimited Pass

This is not a session, it is an Ongoing Class and students may join or drop in at any time.