Arabesque World Dance opened its doors in January 2013, and is founded and directed by Safiya Nawaar. Introducing culture to the community through dance and music has always been a key element to Safiya’s drive to teach and perform, and her studio’s ambiance reflects that. The ‘Eastern Edgy’ 3000+ square foot climate controlled facility has a professional sprung wood dance floor, mirrored walls, a patron lounge, as well as a costume and dance supply store. The ethnically inspired ambiance and decor create a great retreat for the dance enthusiast, as well as complementing the diverse array of other health and wellness programs that take place here.

Arabesque is first and foremost, a school to teach and mentor the aspiring artist, a provider for those seeking Health and Wellness courses, and a social dance studio where dancers can gather and share their knowledge and love of their art. Beyond these elements, Arabesque also provides a number of Health and fitness programs that cater to all ages and fitness levels. Belly-robics, Yoga, Flow arts, and an on-site Massage therapist are just the beginning. The list of services continues to grow, and new additions to our roster are always in the works. So, visit our site often to see if any new and exciting activities have joined the Arabesque family!


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We at Arabesque are always striving to cater to our customers, so we’d love to hear from you.

Did you have trouble finding the class type or class time that fits your needs? Well, this is your opportunity to help Arabesque grow into the studio you would love to see it become. Our Studio is in its growing and learning stage, and we want to make it a place that is inviting to everyone, a place to come dance, learn, relax, socialize and sometimes to just breathe. Your comments and suggestions help us meet the wants and needs of our students by offering the services and products they prefer.
We want YOU to tell US what you are looking for in a class, in a studio and in a place to retreat from the grind of daily life!

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