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Safiya Nawaar at PlayThink Fest 2019

Jun 12


Safiya is excited to be invited back June 12th through the 16th to teach some ‘Playshops’ at this amazing event right here in Kentucky! Playthink is a summer adventure that will transform your heart. An entirely unique experience of playshops, time in nature, music, movement, food, and community that enriches the heart and feeds the soul, Whatever your flow may be, there is a home for it at PlayThink! Check out their site HERE!


Beginner Fan Veils –Fan Veil Flow Class

Fan Veils! So much fun, to flutter and wave about…but there is a particular art to making them flow, and still keep the body moving!
In this workshop Safiya will help students get a better grip on their fans, and show several ways to manipulate all that flowy silk, and still get their body involved in the flow too!
Basic belly dance moves, turns, pivots, and traveling steps will be incorporated into a group of combinations to help you get your flow mojo with this tricky little prop.
Students will need to bring their own fan veils OR (Safiya can also provide some for purchase of this is allowed.)

Safiya’s Signature Oriental Raqs Sharqi Technique & Combos

A fun energetic class combining stagecraft and emoting, internalizing your movements, and creating beautiful lines through posture and arms. We will work on traveling steps, combinations, and how to be dynamic on stage through use of flow and energy.
This class is best for students with some belly dance experience. We will work through each movement from the ground up, discussing posture, leg placement, center of balance, arm positions, and attitude, but the combinations will be challenging!
Then we will change them up so you can see how the same move may be used to different styles of music, and how the energy and personality change.
90 minutes suggested length.

Sensual Veils – Dancing in a Cloud of Silk

Veil Dance is a beautiful flow art that has so many unique qualities! Safiya will help dancers in this belly dance style workshop to love their veil and treat it as a dance partner rather than a prop.
Students will learn to recognize the rhythms in the music and will practice utilizing the rests and accents to create flow and pauses in their veil dance. We will work on slinky and elegant traveling steps, wrapping and unwrapping of the veil, releasing and retrieving with ease, as well as internalized sinuous movements, and hypnotic, entrancing moves of a dancer with a veil…all to create a sensual and dynamic experience that can be used for personal enjoyment, or performance.
It is recommended that students bring a Silk Veil, at least 3 Yards long. (I will provide some loaner veils.)
(A chiffon veil will work, but does not flow the same.)

Connecting to Your Core- A Practice in Deep Muscular Control in Belly Dance

Safiya Nawaar

Our core muscles are the body’s control center for balance, flexibility, and torso strength. They move us, bind us, and support us. Once a dancer truly connects to their core a whole new world of movement is available to them.
In this Workshop we will move through a variety of classic and modern belly dance moves. From smooth, gooey movements, to sharp locks, and contractions of the core muscles.
This workshop is for any level of dancer.
(Bring a Yoga Mat and a small weighted bag of sand, or rice for some exercises on the ground!)


Jun 12