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Gypsy Mystique 2017 – Workshop with Safiya Nawaar

Sep 23

gh11198-1-of-1-17lowresSafiya Nawaar will be heading to Ohio to teach and perform at this wonderful event!BELLY DANCE SHOWCASE BEGINS AT 7 PM!!

Other participating instructors and their workshop details can be found at the Gypsy Mystique 2017 Facebook Event Page.

Safiya’s workshop,Soft & Sensual Veils to Chiftitelli” will be from 1pm – 2:30pm

Chiftitelli is a wonderful, ancient, and sensual rhythm that pairs beautifully with the hypnotic and entrancing moves of a dancer with a veil. Safiya will help students in this workshop to love their veil and treat it as a dance partner rather than a prop. Students will learn to recognize and say the Chiftitelli rhythm, and will practice utilizing the rests and accents in this rhythm to create flow and pauses in their veil routine. We will work on traveling steps, wrapping and unwrapping of the veil, releasing and retrieving with ease, as well as internalized sinuous movements…all to create a sensual and dynamic performance with veil.
(If time permits, we can also work on using two veils.)

It is recommended that students bring a Silk Veil, at least 3 Yards long. (2 veils if you want to try the double veil moves.)
A chiffon veil will work, but does not flow the same.

(Workshop cost and Registration info can be found on the Gypsy Mystique facebook event page)

And don’t miss the performances at the Belly Dance Showcase that begins at 7pm!



Sep 23