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Belly Dance SteamPunk Funk- Theatrical Fusion Dance Workshop

Mar 11

Every Cos-play Character needs a little bit of personality and attitude to go with the suit! You probably spend hours on costume pieces, but what about your role playing? Sometimes the theatrical part is the hardest thing to figure out. Safiya is going to teach you how to move and groove and let loose and have some fun! Come and learn a combination of acting through attitude, posture and gestures, and a mix of theatrical dance, folk dance and dare we say…. some sexy, sinuous belly dance moves?? Tighten your garters, buckle your belts, pull up those tights, and get ready for some fancy footwork! Whether you are just looking to be footloose at a local dance hall, or you want to pursue your dreams of taking the stage, this will be a great workshop for the aspiring cos-player!

Safiya’s personal favorite is her Steampunk Funky Fusion style. Under her pseudonym, Lady Safiya Seraphine LoveLace, she is constantly exploring and developing this fusion style of dance. Her professional dance troupe classes, along with frequent stage and event performances, fuel the necessity for new choreographies and innovative dance moves. This every growing demand is the impetus for the development of her experimental bellydance fusion techniques, drawing from a lengthy and eclectic history of dance genres and theatrical training.

So, join Safiya for a dance workshop that’s sure to be as informative as it will be entertaining, and let her share some of her signature moves with you!

Thoroughbred Room 1,2,3 at the Hyatt Regency Lexington ComicCon Sunday March 11th, 2-3pm Free Entry (with Con Pass)


Safiya Nawaar


Hyatt Regency Lexington
401 W High St, Lexington, KY 40507, Lexington, 40361 United States
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