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Belly Dance Fusion for Cosplay by Safiya at Cinci Comic Expo

Sep 22


Belly Dance Fusion for Cosplay with Safiya Nawaar!

Professional dance teacher, performer and mentor Safiya Nawaar, is bringing her signature style of belly dance to the 2019 Cincinnati Comic Expo on September 22nd. Class goers are in for a treat as they explore the many nuances of her dance style; from pops and locks to shimmies and snaky moves. This fun instructional workshop is intended for dancers of all ages, fitness levels and experience.

This beautiful dancer brings the emotions of music to life through creative movement with a powerful yet delicate style, both on the stage and in the classroom. Safiya’s specialties include the traditional and folkloric dances from Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey and Persia. As well, she teaches and performs Theatrical, Interpretive, Lyrical, Tribaret, American Cabaret, and ITS.

Over the years, her intense love of fantasy has pushed her to fuse many of her traditional and fusion styles with cosplay/fantasy themes…most often Steampunk. Under her pseudonym, Lady Safiya Seraphine LoveLace, she is constantly exploring and developing this fusion style of dance.  Her experimental bellydance fusion techniques draw from a lengthy and eclectic history of dance genres and theatrical training. So, join Safiya for a dance workshop that’s sure to be as informative as it will be entertaining, and let her share some of her signature moves with you!

When not actively teaching in her own studio, Arabesque World Dance, Safiya can be found performing in stage shows, workshops, cultural festivals, art exhibitions, school demonstrations, and themed events such as cosplay and comic cons across the east coast.

For a complete bio and list of upcoming appearances visit her at www.arabesquelex.com or on facebook at Safiya Nawaar performing artist.


Sep 22